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“The GIS is the heartbeat of many of our processes."
Roberto Löffler, Project Manager

Transform your utility with renewables

Given the rapid movement to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy sources, and the financial incentives available for doing so, converting to clean energy is all but inevitable for electric utilities.

Discover the steps needed to transform your utility and how you can achieve cleaner, greener energy and reach renewable energy goals on time and on budget.

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Cloud-based utility management

The urgent need to address climate change and transition to cleaner, more renewable energy resources has never been greater. The time to adapt is now, and cloud-based utility management is the path to success. With increased concerns over the impact of natural disasters, diversification of energy sources and vulnerable cybersecurity practices, organizations like yours need a trusted utility asset management tool.

With HxGN NetWorks, cloud-based utility management becomes a reality by creating and maintaining an accurate digital representation of your network – a digital twin. An important part of renewable energy, grid management and DERMS strategies, the right utility asset management technology can propel organizations to reach their sustainability goals on time and within budget.

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